Tuesday, February 21, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 8

On the evening of 11.22, Police Chief Jesse Curry was caught up in the evolution process as well. Curry was telling the press that Oswald had been stopped leaving the building almost immediately following the assassination.

Washington Post, 11.23.1963

Elsewhere in the newspaper was this: 

"Police first became aware of Oswald when they learned he had been seen leaving the building immediately after the President was shot from one of its upper windows." 

Another news article quotes Curry saying: 

Washington Post, 11.23.1963

At this time, Curry may not have been fully aware of what Oswald was saying in custody ("out with Bill Shelley in front"), so perhaps his knowledge of Oswald's presence down in front was more, in his mind, an indicator of a guilty man trying to make a hasty getaway rather than a situation that would exonerate him as the sixth floor shooter.

Curry needed to stress the "immediate" nature of the Oswald-Officer incident and the incriminating immediate nature of Oswald's departure from the building. But as soon as it becomes clear just how "immediate" the incident was and how soon after the last shot had been fired, Curry gets with the program and shuts up.

The next day we find him going out with a very different story altogether:

Teletype (date not provided, estimated 11.24.1963 by context):

"He was seen sitting in the lunchroom and one of my officers drew a weapon on him," Curry said.

New York Times, 11.24.1963

From Oswald being stopped as he made his quick departure out the front entrance, to Oswald being seen sitting in a second floor lunchroom.

The process of evolution was now in full swing.

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