Wednesday, February 15, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 2

Before we get to the next reference of a second floor lunchroom incident, let's review the first FBI report by Bookhout & Hosty:

FBI Report by Bookhout & Hosty, 11.22.1963 (dictated 11.23.1963, dated 11.23.1963)

The second floor is only mentioned here as a place where he bought a bottle of Coke, not as a place where any incident or encounter occurred.

Then, a day later, Bookhout does this solo follow-up report:

FBI Report by Bookhout, 11.22.1963 (dictated 11.24.1963, dated 11.25.1963)

Why did Bookhout need to write a second report? Did Oswald really tell him the things he wrote in the second report, things that he and Hosty forgot to include in their first report? Or were there other reasons?

Was Bookhout made aware of the Williams-Pinkston report where Truly said Oswald was observed in a snack bar?

First to Second Evolution had started to crawl.

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