Friday, February 17, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 4

Recall that the Williams-Pinkston FBI Report has Truly describing how he and a police officer went "immediately up the stairs to the second floor of the building, where the officer noticed a door and stepped through the door, gun in hand, and observed OSWALD in a snack bar there, apparently alone."

Roy Truly Affidavit, 11.23.1963

OK. We have Oswald in the second floor lunchroom area. Period.

Reading the above might give the impression to those unfamiliar with the second floor layout that the lunchroom must be right next to the landing. Someone might even think that Truly and Baker, after entering the building, came up the front stairs and proceeded to the rear of the building, passing by lunchroom on the way. The next two articles give that impression, especially the second one:

New York Herald Tribune, "FBI Sifts Oswald Data," 11.27.1963

Washington Post, 12.1.1963

Notice that we now have Oswald not only in the lunchroom, but he's seen sitting at one at the tables in one report and also seen sipping a Coke in another.

The "Late 1963" Secret Service reenactment film reconstructing Oswald's supposed route from the sixth floor down the stairs to the second floor lunchroom has the actor Oswald going and sitting down at one of the tables.

To wrap up this installment:

Telephone Conversation between J. Edgar Hoover and President Johnson, 11.29.1963, 1:40PM

So Hoover, on November 29, 1963, is apparently clueless as to any encounter between Oswald and a police officer on the second floor in lunchroom.

Evolution is a long process.

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