Sunday, February 19, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 6

Two items for this installment.

"First Interview of Lee Harvey Oswald" by Secret Service Inspector Thomas J. Kelley

"At this time Captain Fritz showed a Selective Service Card that was taken out of his wallet which bore the name of Alex Hidell. Oswald refused to discuss this after being asked for an explanation of it, both by Fritz and by James Bookhout, the FBI Agent. I asked him if he viewed the parade and he said he had not. I then asked him if he had shot the President and he said he had not. I asked him if he has shot governor Connally and he said he had not."

All of the words above were spoken during the interrogation, except the underlined sentence. How do we know this? Well, Kelley didn't keep the notes he used to write this report. They took a one-way trip down the memory hole.

But we do have the handwritten notes of Fritz, which are a transcription of the contemporaneous interrogation notes of Bookhout. If you read through these five pages of Fritz's handwritten notes (Prayer Man: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light, pages 86-98), you won't find the underlined sentence.

Those words were added.

Now why do you suppose that happened?

The second item:

On the evening of 11.22.1963, Captain "Case Closed" Fritz filed a Case Report naming Lee Harvey Oswald as the defendant. On page 2 of the report "Officer Witnesses" are listed, and at the very top is:

Dallas Police Department Case Report, Filed 11.22.1963 by Capt. Fritz, Page 2

The "Identified him in line up" part is not correct. It wasn't true. It never happened. Saying something isn't true is a nice way of saying something is...a lie. "Identified him in line up" is a lie.

But on the evening of 11.22.1963, a lie was good enough. You see, the process of First to Second Evolution had just begun and Oswald was fingered as the "Missing Link." The bugs in the theory could be worked out later.

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