Sunday, February 26, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 12

On 11.23.1963 while Jesse Curry was talking to reporters in the corridors of Dallas City Hall, there were three interesting exchanges:

REPORTER: Has he admitted that he was in the building at the time the shots were fired.

Curry seems to think twice here.

CURRY: Well, we know he couldn't deny that, we have witnesses.
REPORTER: But he did deny it, didn't he?
CURRY: He denies everything.
REPORTER: Did you say, Chief, that a policeman had seen him in the building?
REPORTER: After the shot was fired?
REPORTER: Why didn’t he arrest him then?
CURRY: Because the manager of the place told us that he was an employee, that he’s alright, he’s an employee.
REPORTER: Did he look suspicious to the policeman at this point?
CURRY: I imagine the policeman was checking everyone he saw as he went into the building.
REPORTER: Does he say he was anywhere else at the time this was happening?

Again Curry seems hesitant to commit to a straight answer:

CURRY: I don’t know. He says he was at the building, he says he was there because he worked there.

Sean Murphy said it seemed that Curry's answers were pointing to a front entrance encounter between Oswald and Baker: a boundary/threshold place that is technically "in the building," certainly "at the building"—but not really inside the building. Curry cannot quite say that Oswald is "admitting" to being "in the building." Nor, however, can he quite say that Oswald is denying being "in the building."

If Curry was aware that Oswald had been naming the front steps or front entrance or vestibule/lobby area as his location, then Curry's ambiguous answers make sense. Especially as his words about the policeman "checking everyone he saw as he went into the building" seal the deal: "out in front."

But First to Second Evolution was already well along in the process of messing up the deal.

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