Monday, September 19, 2016

She saw or heard no one

We've established that the Second Floor lunchroom encounter is fraught with problems. One almost needs the help of Google Maps to follow all the places where this story goes. Recently we asked why not just stay with Baker's first statement about seeing a man walking away from the stairway on the Third or Fourth Floor. Victoria Adams was the reason.

Vicki Adams worked on the Fourth Floor of the TSBD and watched the assassination from a south-facing window on that floor in the company of several colleagues. She claimed to have run down the back stairs to the First Floor with her coworker Sandra Styles. She insisted that she and Sandra had left the Fourth Floor window within just seconds of the last shot being fired and had gone downstairs immediately.

In the estimated one minute it took to go down the stairs to the First Floor, Adams didn't see or hear Oswald coming down the stairs. She also didn't see or hear Roy Truly and Marrion Baker coming up the stairs. Adams and Styles statements and recollections are supported by her supervisor Dorothy Garner.

What to make of all this?

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