Saturday, September 24, 2016

It doesn't work

For the Second Floor lunchroom encounter to work as claimed by the Warren Commission, two things need to happen:

1.) Oswald needs to run down the rear stairs from the Sixth Floor and get to the Second Floor lunchroom 90 seconds after firing the shots and hiding the rifle.

2.) Baker and Truly need to enter the TSBD through the front entrance, make their way across the First Floor to the rear stairs in the northwest corner of building, stopping to see if the freight elevators were available first, climb the stairs to the Second Floor to be there as Oswald has already passed through the foyer door on his way into the lunchroom.

Vicki Adams says she and Sandra Styles left almost immediately after the final shot, went to the rear stairs on the Fourth Floor, and made their way down to the First Floor. The trip took about one minute and they saw or heard no one in the process.

The obvious takeaway here is that Oswald could not have come down the stairs per the Warren Commission account. The other, perhaps less obvious conclusion is that Baker and Truly could not have come up the stairs while the two women were going down them.

With the way we've seen the Second Floor story evolve into the final form that suited the Warren Commission's purposes, it's no wonder that anyone with testimony or information that conflicted with the official account would be ignored or told they were mistaken.

That's certainly been the case with Victoria Adams.

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