Tuesday, September 6, 2016

More second floor problems

We have already begun to see problems with the Second Floor lunchroom encounter, a key plank in the official case against Oswald. And it only gets worse.

According to Captain Will Fritz, Lee Oswald claimed to have been on the First Floor at the time of the assassination but that "he was on the second floor drinking a Coca-Cola when the officer came in."

FBI Agent James Bookhout's second report of Oswald's first interrogation makes pretty much the same claim: "[Oswald] was on the second floor of [the TSBD] building, having just purchased a Coca-Cola from the soft-drink machine, at which time a police officer came into the room with pistol drawn and asked him if he worked there."

Police Officer Marrion Baker said something different. He tells the Warren Commission when he first glimpsed Oswald, Oswald was on his way INTO the Second Floor lunchroom, NOT already inside it at or near the Coke machine: "Now, through this window you can't see too much but I just caught a glimpse of him through this window going away from me and as I ran to this door and opened it, and looked on down in the lunchroom he was on down there about 20 feet so he was moving about as fast as I was."

"Moving about as fast as I was" is much different that standing in the lunchroom "drinking a Coca-Cola."

TSBD Superintendent Roy Truly said he was with Officer Marrion Baker as he went up the rear stairs and to the lunchroom. Truly's story evolved over the first ten days or so as follows:
  • the officer saw Oswald in the lunchroom
  • the officer saw Oswald sitting at one of the tables in the lunchroom
  • the officer saw Oswald leaning against a counter in the lunchroom
  • the officer saw Oswald standing at the coke machine sipping a Coca-Cola in the lunchroom

Yet Truly's Warren Commission testimony will make it clear that he could not have seen these things. All he said he actually saw was Baker standing at the lunchroom door with his gun up against Oswald, who was standing just inside the lunchroom door.

What the hell is going on here?

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