Monday, September 12, 2016

Second floor story evolution

Let's recap where we are with this Second Floor lunchroom business.

We've already seen some serious problems with the Second Floor lunchroom encounter theory. Hours after the assassination, Police Officer Marrion Baker said "As we reached the third or fourth floor I saw a man walking away from the stairway."

Not long after that Roy Truly reported a Second Floor encounter in a "snack bar," then a few days later Baker issued a revised report that referenced the Second Floor lunchroom encounter. In the weeks that followed, the Second Floor lunchroom story continued to evolve, including:
  • Oswald in the lunchroom
  • Oswald sitting at one of the tables in the lunchroom
  • Oswald leaning against a counter in the lunchroom
  • Oswald standing at the coke machine sipping a Coca-Cola in the lunchroom
  • Oswald moving into the lunchroom

This last bullet was the story Baker told the Warren Commission in March 1964 of how he "caught a glimpse of this man" through a window in a door moving away from him, moving as fast as Baker was moving. After four months, we're glad to see they were able to finally get that all ironed out.

Or did they?

On September 23, 1964—THE DAY BEFORE the final Warren Report is to be presented to President Johnson—they bring Marrion Baker back down to once again clarify some things. Below is an image of his handwritten statement.

Notice this account doesn't even resemble what he told the Warren Commission at all! After all this time, he's still has to think about what floor the "encounter" took place on (he lined out and initialed "or third floor"), he says he saw a man "standing in the lunchroom," and he crosses out and initials "drinking a coke." And get this: Baker doesn't even mention Oswald by name in this statement! He just saw "a man."

What the hell is going on here?

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