Thursday, September 1, 2016

No one on second

Two news accounts written on the evening of the assassination refer to an Oswald sighting.

1. From the November 23, 1963 issue of The Dallas Morning News: "He [Ochus V.Campbell] said Truly and an officer ran into the building. In a storage room on the first floor, the officer, gun drawn, spotted Oswald. 'Does this man work here?' the officer reportedly asked Truly."

2. From the November 23, 1963 issue of the New York Herald Tribune: "Mr. [Ochus V.] Campbell [vice-president of the TSBD] said, 'Shortly after the shooting we raced back into the building. We had been outside watching the parade. We saw him (Oswald) in a small storage room on the ground floor. Then we noticed he was gone.' Mr. Campbell added: 'Of course he and the others were on their lunch hour but he did not have permission to leave the building and we haven't seen him since.'"
No mention of the Second Floor.

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