Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"They saw no one there"

Roy Truly was the superintendent of the Texas School Book Depository. There's a very odd detail in his FBI interview report from the evening of the assassination:

"He then noticed a Dallas City Police officer wearing a motorcycle helmet and boots running toward the entrance of the depository building and he accompanied the officer into the front of the building. They saw no one there and he accompanied the officer immediately up the stairs to the second floor of the building, where the officer…."

"They saw no one there." Where was "there"? Just inside the front of the building.

Think about this: why is Truly even having to disclaim having seen "someone" there? It seems like he had been asked the question "Did you see 'anyone' there?"

What might have given the interviewing agents the idea of asking Truly such a question? Why is the writer of the report making a point of including such a non-event in the report? Could it be that "someone" in custody has been talking noisily about having seen Truly and an officer "there," just inside the front of the building, just after the shooting?

If so, then might that "someone" be none other than Prayer Man—a person seen at the front entrance during the shooting yet went oddly unnoticed by everyone else congregated there?

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