Monday, August 29, 2016

Do you believe?

Well, if you believe the Warren Commission, you believe Lee Oswald was on the Second Floor a mere 90 seconds after firing the shots that killed President Kennedy up from the Sixth Floor.

But while he was in custody, Oswald made these claims:

1. He went to lunch in the Domino Room on the First Floor at noon.
2. He went up to the Second Floor lunchroom and bought a Coke.
3. He was on the First Floor when the President passed the building.

Claim 1 comes with a precise location—the Domino Room—and is supported by other testimony.

Claim 2 comes with a precise location—the Second Floor lunchroom—and is supported by another person's recollection.

Claim 3 comes without any precise location—just the First Floor.

It is possible Claim 3 originally did come with a precise location (e.g., front steps), but this information was suppressed in the report because it would have given Oswald an air-tight alibi? Could the location of the Prayer Man figure shown in the Wiegman and Darnell films be a factor here?

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