Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Out with Bill Shelley in front

The early interrogation reports were sketchy, but they do shed light on where Lee Oswald said he was. According to the notes of Police Captain Will Fritz, Oswald claimed to be out in front with his boss, Bill Shelley.

How would Oswald have known Shelley was out in front unless he was there himself?

FBI Agents James Hosty and James Bookhout interrogated Oswald on the evening of November 22 and reported that Oswald said he went to lunch at approximately noon and ate his lunch on the First Floor in the lunchroom (also called the Domino Room). He went to the Second Floor where the Coca-Cola machine was located to get a bottle of Coke for his lunch. Oswald then claimed to be on the First Floor when President Kennedy passed the TSBD building.

The report suggests this sequence:

1. Oswald went to lunch in the Domino Room.
2. He then went up to the Second Floor lunchroom and bought a Coke.
3. Then he went back down to the First Floor, which is where he was when the President passed the building.

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