Tuesday, March 7, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 18

When I was a boy growing up in rural Michigan, a man my father worked with gave us a black sheepdog he could no longer keep. The dog, Samson, was about six years old and he fit right in with our family. Many months after we got him, Samson got loose and escaped from our yard. We couldn't find him anywhere. A day later, the original owner, who lived about 5 miles away, called to let us know Samson was sitting on his front porch. We picked him up and had no more problems.

About three years later, we found Samson missing one morning. We drove around the countryside looking for him. He was nowhere to be seen. Then my dad got a hunch. He drove over to the original owner's house and viola, there was Samson sitting on the front porch!

We realized, even though he was totally familiar with us as a family and was happy and content, Samson was never able to shake the knowledge of where his first home was.

We have just seen where Marrion Baker was brought back to clarify some things for the Warren Commission. In March 1964, he had testified at length about catching a glimpse of a man through the window of a door leading to the second floor lunchroom. Now, six months later, Baker's handwritten statement looked different.


We've pointed out a lot of evidence for First to Second Evolution over the days and weeks following the assassination. It must have been difficult for Officer Baker to keep up with all of the changes.

We can be sure he was thoroughly briefed on the "game plan" prior to his Warren Commission appearance, but after six months, his original memory and the things he said in his November 22, 1963 affidavit kicked in and overshadowed his shaky WC testimony.

I believe, like Samson the sheepdog, Marrion Baker always ran back to what he first knew.

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