Saturday, March 4, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 16

Truly and Baker have now told their stories to the Warren Commission and it was what it was. They answered all the questions directed to them, and while some of those answers may not have been totally satisfactory, the questions were answered.

Looking back, we have absolutely nothing on-the-record from Baker himself between the end of November 1963 and his Warren Commission testimony in March 1964. While Baker was…somewhere, it was Truly who frog-marched us through the process of First to Second Evolution to get us to the point we were now at:

Baker glimpsed Oswald going into the second floor lunchroom and Truly said uh-huh.

Now the deal was done. The time for questions was over. Nothing left to do.

But like the Lord, First to Second Evolution worked in mysterious ways.

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