Tuesday, February 21, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 8

On the evening of 11.22, Police Chief Jesse Curry was caught up in the evolution process as well. Curry was telling the press that Oswald had been stopped leaving the building almost immediately following the assassination.

Washington Post, 11.23.1963

Elsewhere in the newspaper was this: 

"Police first became aware of Oswald when they learned he had been seen leaving the building immediately after the President was shot from one of its upper windows." 

Another news article quotes Curry saying: 

Washington Post, 11.23.1963

At this time, Curry may not have been fully aware of what Oswald was saying in custody ("out with Bill Shelley in front"), so perhaps his knowledge of Oswald's presence down in front was more, in his mind, an indicator of a guilty man trying to make a hasty getaway rather than a situation that would exonerate him as the sixth floor shooter.

Curry needed to stress the "immediate" nature of the Oswald-Officer incident and the incriminating immediate nature of Oswald's departure from the building. But as soon as it becomes clear just how "immediate" the incident was and how soon after the last shot had been fired, Curry gets with the program and shuts up.

The next day we find him going out with a very different story altogether:

Teletype (date not provided, estimated 11.24.1963 by context):

"He was seen sitting in the lunchroom and one of my officers drew a weapon on him," Curry said.

New York Times, 11.24.1963

From Oswald being stopped as he made his quick departure out the front entrance, to Oswald being seen sitting in a second floor lunchroom.

The process of evolution was now in full swing.

Monday, February 20, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 7

For this installment, let's look a little deeper into Kelley's document:

"First Interview of Lee Harvey Oswald" by Secret Service Inspector Thomas J. Kelley

"He said he ate his lunch with the colored boys who worked with him. He described one of them as 'Junior,' a colored boy, and the other was a little short negro boy. He said his lunch consisted of cheese, fruit, and apples, and was the only package he had with him when he went to work."

The two black men referred here are James Jarman and Harold Norman. When they were asked if they had lunch with Oswald they said no.

But did Oswald ever really say he had lunch with them in the first place?

If we check Fritz's transcription notes—which again record what Bookhout originally wrote—we see that Oswald said he "saw two negroes come in." 

So Kelley was twisting things a bit here to make Oswald look like a liar.

(Bookhout did a degree of twisting in this instance as well. In his second, reworked, FBI report, he states that Oswald "recalled possibly two Negro employees walking through the room during this period," contrary to his original notes "saw two negroes come in.")

Some might argue that these are small, minor points. I would disagree. I think these are examples of a larger process underway that was just beginning to pick up steam: the Evolution from First to Second.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 6

Two items for this installment.

"First Interview of Lee Harvey Oswald" by Secret Service Inspector Thomas J. Kelley

"At this time Captain Fritz showed a Selective Service Card that was taken out of his wallet which bore the name of Alex Hidell. Oswald refused to discuss this after being asked for an explanation of it, both by Fritz and by James Bookhout, the FBI Agent. I asked him if he viewed the parade and he said he had not. I then asked him if he had shot the President and he said he had not. I asked him if he has shot governor Connally and he said he had not."

All of the words above were spoken during the interrogation, except the underlined sentence. How do we know this? Well, Kelley didn't keep the notes he used to write this report. They took a one-way trip down the memory hole.

But we do have the handwritten notes of Fritz, which are a transcription of the contemporaneous interrogation notes of Bookhout. If you read through these five pages of Fritz's handwritten notes (Prayer Man: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light, pages 86-98), you won't find the underlined sentence.

Those words were added.

Now why do you suppose that happened?

The second item:

On the evening of 11.22.1963, Captain "Case Closed" Fritz filed a Case Report naming Lee Harvey Oswald as the defendant. On page 2 of the report "Officer Witnesses" are listed, and at the very top is:

Dallas Police Department Case Report, Filed 11.22.1963 by Capt. Fritz, Page 2

The "Identified him in line up" part is not correct. It wasn't true. It never happened. Saying something isn't true is a nice way of saying something is...a lie. "Identified him in line up" is a lie.

But on the evening of 11.22.1963, a lie was good enough. You see, the process of First to Second Evolution had just begun and Oswald was fingered as the "Missing Link." The bugs in the theory could be worked out later.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 5

Recall Marrion Baker's first affidavit, 11.22.1963:

"The elevator was hung several floors up so we used the stairs instead. As we reached the third or fourth floor I saw a man walking away from the stairway. I called to that man and he turned around and came back toward me."

Now consider this:

Letter from J. W. Fritz to Jesse Curry of 12.23.1963:

Here we are, a month after the assassination, and "Case Cinched" Fritz says NOTHING about a second floor lunchroom encounter!

Jesse Curry must have scratched his head when he read Fritz’s reference to a "third or fourth floor" rear stairway meeting. Wasn't Fritz aware that Oswald had been stopped in the lunchroom on the second floor?

And get this: Fritz would tell the Warren Commission only a matter of weeks later that Oswald had personally confirmed the details of the second floor lunchroom incident while in custody!

Something stinks bad. Let's call it a day and let the place air out.

First to Second Evolution: The process of selectively suppressing facts and creating new ones as necessary to mold a desired reality.

Friday, February 17, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 4

Recall that the Williams-Pinkston FBI Report has Truly describing how he and a police officer went "immediately up the stairs to the second floor of the building, where the officer noticed a door and stepped through the door, gun in hand, and observed OSWALD in a snack bar there, apparently alone."

Roy Truly Affidavit, 11.23.1963:

OK. We have Oswald in the second floor lunchroom area. Period.

Reading the above might give the impression to those unfamiliar with the second floor layout that the lunchroom must be right next to the landing. Someone might even think that Truly and Baker, after entering the building, came up the front stairs and proceeded to the rear of the building, passing by lunchroom on the way. The next two articles give that impression, especially the second one:

New York Herald Tribune, "FBI Sifts Oswald Data," 11.27.1963:

Washington Post, 12.1.1963:

Notice that we now have Oswald not only in the lunchroom, but he's seen sitting at one at the tables in one report and also seen sipping a Coke in another.

The "Late 1963" Secret Service reenactment film reconstructing Oswald's supposed route from the sixth floor down the stairs to the second floor lunchroom has the actor Oswald going and sitting down at one of the tables.

To wrap up this installment:

Telephone Conversation between J. Edgar Hoover and President Johnson, 11.29.1963, 1:40PM:

So Hoover, on November 29, 1963, is apparently clueless as to any encounter between Oswald and a police officer on the second floor in lunchroom.

Evolution is a long process.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 3

The FBI Report by Bookhout & Hosty, 11.22.1963 (dictated 11.23.1963, dated 11.23.1963), does not mention the specific location of Oswald on the first floor at the time of the assassination nor does it mention any encounter involving Oswald, a police officer and Truly.

If the earliest evidence as to the location of Oswald during the assassination is true—and we believe the earliest reports and statements are the most reliable—the reason for these details not being mentioned should be clear and painfully obvious.

If Oswald told Bookhout & Hosty what the earliest reports all describe (i.e. he was down in front during the assassination)—and they included this information in their report—well that would be a huge problem if he was to be the designated patsy. No, no, not gonna happen.

But things got easier on 11.24.1963, Oswald was killed. He could no longer talk or defend himself. He would no longer say things like he went outside to see what the excitement was all about. He would no longer answer any questions about where he was or what he was doing at the time of the assassination with responses like "out with Bill Shelly in front."

So on this very day, Bookhout writes a second, "improved" report, having the now-dead Oswald "confirm" a lunchroom encounter on the second floor, simply moving the key details of what he said all along (Coke, standing outside, police officer, Truly) from the first floor up to the second.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Whoever says dead men don't talk never talked to FBI Agent James Bookhout.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

First to Second Evolution – Part 2

Before we get to the next reference of a second floor lunchroom incident, let's review the first FBI report by Bookhout & Hosty:

FBI Report by Bookhout & Hosty, 11.22.1963 (dictated 11.23.1963, dated 11.23.1963)

The second floor is only mentioned here as a place where he bought a bottle of Coke, not as a place where any incident or encounter occurred.

Then, a day later, Bookhout does this solo follow-up report:

FBI Report by Bookhout, 11.22.1963 (dictated 11.24.1963, dated 11.25.1963)

Why did Bookhout need to write a second report? Did Oswald really tell him the things he wrote in the second report, things that he and Hosty forgot to include in their first report? Or were there other reasons?

Was Bookhout made aware of the Williams-Pinkston report where Truly said Oswald was observed in a snack bar?

First to Second Evolution had started to crawl.