Thursday, June 30, 2016

Prayer Man is NOT Doorman

Photojournalist Ike Altgens faced the approaching limousine when he took the famous picture below of President Kennedy as he was being shot. The TSBD entrance can be seen in the background. The inset zooms in on this area. Billy Lovelady, a co-worker of Lee Oswald, is shown. It appears that he's peeking around the edge of the west wall, but this is due to the camera angle. (He can be seen in the Wiegman frame, taken within seconds of the Altgens photo, toward the middle of the steps.)

Due to his superficial resemblance to Lee Oswald, some people believed Lovelady was Oswald in the Altgens photo. Lovelady is often referred to as "Doorman" in this picture.

On the evening of November 22, the FBI went to visit Lovelady and showed him the Altgens photo blown-up and Lovelady immediately identified himself in the image. The FBI agents seemed relieved. Lovelady said one agent "had a big smile on his face because it wasn't Oswald."

Why would the FBI be relieved? After all, Oswald was up on the Sixth Floor, wasn't he?

Prayer Man cannot be seen in the Altgens photo. He's standing back in the corner to the right of Billy Lovelady (left in the picture below).

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